Welcome to the Fluidinfo Explorer

The Fluidinfo Explorer lets you quickly navigate information stored in Fluidinfo. You can navigate via a namespace tree, examine individual Fluidinfo objects, or use Fluidinfo queries to see matching objects. You can explore either the main Fluidinfo instance (the default), or the sandbox, at: https://explorer.fluidinfo.com/sandbox/.

To start exploring from a top-level namespace, add it to the URL as in these examples:

To look at a particular object, add it to the URL either with an about value or an object ID as in the following examples:

To learn more...

You can learn more about using the explorer from our blog post Introducing the Fluidinfo Explorer. If you want to use the explorer to add information to Fluidinfo, you'll need to create an account. And of course you can also visit our web site to learn more about Fluidinfo in general.

The explorer was written by Pier André Parent using the Fluidinfo API, FOM, ExtJS, Flask, Gunicorn, and nginx.